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Thank you for visiting Echo Barrier. We are the market leading solution to the problem of noise pollution which is causing issues for construction sites and event management teams across the world.

Noise Reduction Barriers

Noise reduction barriers, which can be hung on traditional site fencing or hoarding, absorb noise rather than reflecting it, meaning unwanted noise can be reduced by up to 30dB and no longer will cause you issues.

Noise Reduction Technology

The Echo Barrier team of acoustic experts have over 30 years of experience in this field. Their research and development is leading the way, constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring we are at the coalface of technological advancements.

Our Barriers are practical and simple to use, they are light and flexible for ease of transportation, installation and storage and are weatherproof, maintaining their performance in extreme rain or cold conditions. They are suitable for many types of applications, including construction sites, rail maintenance works, utilities works and even music festivals.

When you hire Echo Barriers you will also be guaranteed exceptional customer service and technical support to ensure you are getting optimum performance from the product.

We are your number one solution for all things noise reduction.


Noise Barrier Uses

Our patented design acoustic barriers and noise reduction barriers are available in various shapes and sizes and are easy to install. Because un-wanted noise can have many sources such as construction sites, railway noise, outdoor music events, and highways our weatherproof and highly resistant noise barriers have been tested to meet all possible applications and requirements.

View the various applications our temporary acoustic noise barriers can be used with:

Rail Noise Barriers

Our easy to erect rail noise barriers can effectively reduce the amount of noise caused by maintenance and works to railways. For more information our full range of acoustic barriers click here or contact us today.

Road Works & Traffic Noise

Road works and traffic noise can be a major issue. Echo Barrier can help to eradicate this problem with our sound barrier fencesthat have been specifically designed with road noise in mind. For more information on our temporary sound barrier fencing call us today!

Live Event Noise

With many live music events taking place around Australia each year one of the issues many event organizers are faced with is noise pollution. Ourevent noise barriers have been successfully installed around the world and have helped to noise complaints. If your event needs sound advice call Echo Barrier Australia today for more information on our sound barrier hire.

Construction Site Barriers

Easily attach Echo Barrier’s temporary acoustic barriers to any metal fence or scaffold structure to significantly reduce noise emitted from construction sites. Find out how our acoustic fences can help to reduce construction noise.

Our construction site barriers install in a matter of seconds and attach to your standard metal fencing or scaffolding. As a global leader in construction sound barriers we’ve helped many companies to lower their noise footprint. For more information call today.

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