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The epitome of acoustic engineering

Echo Barrier are pioneers with a commitment to innovation, who lead the market with superior acoustic barrier products. With rigorous scientific testing, a love of design, built on a bedrock of R&D, we set the standard. Our temporary acoustic barriers combine materials that absorb sound with those that offer acoustic insulation. With minimum weight and superior performance we truly raise the bar.

Superior performance

Our acoustic barrier technology undergoes stringent testing in both the lab and the field. Independent verification has proven time and time again that we are the best in class in preventing noise pollution, in Australia and worldwide.

It is not a mystery what makes Echo Barrier products so effective – it is the science that makes them great. Our acoustic barrier technology outperforms all others. Our technicians have identified six factors that make this so:

Our noise control barriers integrate specially selected materials that absorb sound over the key 300-100Khz range. Without sound absorption sound is reflected or reverberated back exacerbating a noise pollution problem. Unlike inferior products on the market our solutions absorb sound, to cut out reverberation, and optimise performance.

Echo Barrier products are seriously hard-wearing and lightweight, thanks to our sound absorbent composite. This composite is also 100% weatherproof, so vital to performance in the field. Alternative products are manufactured with textiles like rock-wool or fibreglass which soak up water like a sponge, reducing sound absorption by up to 50%, and adding mass to the barriers which hinders transportation and assembly.

Rigorous scientific testing proves that our products cut noise by 41 decibels, and also achieve great field attenuation.
Echo Barrier solutions perform in the lab and on site. What marks us out as exceptional however, is that our products weigh just half that of our nearest competitors. This makes a massive efficiency saving.
And without compromising space our barriers can be doubled up back to back, to increase their effectiveness six-fold.

While heavier materials may reduce vibration – mass alone cannot stop sound.
Other, heavier products, have a greater mass, while they theoretically may capture more sound, in reality sound travels in all directions including up, meaning it passes up and over any barrier of sensible height.
Echo Barrier products hit the sweet spot – where maximum performance meets minimum weight.

Echo Barrier products as so hard-wearing – we are with you for the long haul. The specially selected materials are extremely durable. They are waterproof, weatherproof, and UV resistant – so important in the Western Pacific. They’ll keep performing, and looking the part for years and years. This is vital – studies show that barriers that look great get less complaints.

The location of your sound barriers is key. The closer they are to the source of the sound the better they will work. It is all about ‘acoustic shadow’.
When you place a sound barrier in between a noise source and an object you cast an ‘acoustic shadow’. The closer the barrier is to the noise source the larger the acoustic shadow. A noise barrier should be placed as close as possible to whatever creates the noise.
In most instances over a project life cycle sound will originate from various sources in various locations. Echo Barrier products are so lightweight and easy to assemble that you can attain and maintain optimum site geometry at all times.

To work out of the lab a sound barrier must function best in preventing sounds in the 300-1000 KHZ range. This is exactly what Echo Barrier products do, offering a remarkable 77% level of efficiency with sounds over this range, while being half the thickness and lighter than competitor products.

What makes our acoustic barriers work?

Let’s take a look under the bonnet to understand how our temporary noise control barriers deliver market-leading performance at minimum weight.


Waterproof outer layer

Extremely durable and waterproof, highest quality PVC makes our acoustic barrier easy to clean and professional looking.


Acoustic absorbent

Top grade lightweight acoustic absorbent made from recycled material prevents sound from reflecting off the barrier.


Waterproof breathable membrane

Allows sound to be absorbed but keeps water out.


Durable reinforced mesh

Extends product life to retain acoustic performance in harsh working environments.

Designed to be easy to use

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High temperature in direct sunlight
Mesh faces sound source
Do not use cutting tools
Frost resistant
BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
Water resistant EN BS
60529:1992 IPX6,IPX9

Rigorous testing

Science tells us to look for two key factors when assessing how effective a sound barrier is.

  • The first of these is transmission loss – how much quieter it is with the barrier than without it.
  • The second is absorbency – how much sound is reflected and reverberated elsewhere when a barrier is in place.

It is vital to see how products perform in the lab, but also in the field.

Echo Barrier solutions are best in class in both the lab and the field. Even when tested under wet conditions, when competitor products lose up to 50% efficiency in the rain.

Echo Barrier products are designed to work best in the field rather than the lab – as the table below demonstrates.

Our products achieved an extra 5 decibel reduction in the field, when measuring the noise from a diesel jack-hammer used for excavation.


Acoustic Barrier Technology