— Construction Noise Barriers —

Improving the image of construction for 3 decades

Echo Barrier fully grasp the challenges faced by main contractors. Our acoustic control solutions are used time and time again on construction projects across the Western Pacific and the world over – improving community relations and keeping complaints to a minimum.

Consultancy & advice

Location is the prime driver in construction projects. But prime locations in residential or commercial districts run the risk of complaints, delays, over runs, fines, and dents in productivity. This is where Echo Barrier come in. Our expert team understand differing state and territory noise pollution frameworks, and will work with you at any stage of the project to deliver noise control solutions that optimise environmental health and maintain productivity.

— Case study —
One World Trade Center, New York City

Once we installed the panels, noise complaints have not been an issue. We would highly recommend Echo Barrier.

Marco Desa, Project Manager Oliveira Contracting

Oliveira contracting used Echo barrier temporary noise barriers on their build at One World Trade Center in mid-Manhattan.

Noise was cut by 15dB(A) which was a marked improvement for tourists, commercial and residential properties nearby. After this initial engagement Echo Barrier products were deployed across the site at the request of the WTC team. Read more

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