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Reducing noise to keep to the timetable

The challenges facing rail projects are acute, as they are hugely time sensitive and so often operate in busy areas vital to the local infrastructure. Our temporary acoustic barriers are market-leading and used on vital Australian Infrastructure projects. So lightweight and easy to deploy, they enhance productivity, and maintain their professional appearance for the project duration.

Consultancy & advice

New rail projects and planned maintenance works often take place over vacation periods, weekend, and late nights, so as to avoid disruption. This makes these projects hugely time sensitive, with pressures heaped upon contractors to meet tight deadlines. Echo Barrier’s temporary sound barriers can be deployed quickly, keeping efficiency optimised, and also removed promptly once the works are complete.

Our temporary acoustic solutions reduce noise from rail projects by up to 97%. The benefits of this are twofold – environmental health is improved for both workforce and communities as nuisance noise and noise pollution are eliminated. Productivity is driven further still as operating hours are increased. With just one man able to deploy and remove Echo Barrier’s products by himself, our solutions offer exceptional value for rail projects, with their specific requirements taken into full consideration.

Echo Barrier products are waterproof front and back, and totally UV resistant, meaning they perform and maintain appearance no matter what weather the Western Pacific regions throws at them.

— Case study —
Earl's Court Station, London

"Echo Barrier once again provided us with a solution that really works."

Amer Rached, Track Partnership

Track improvements to London Underground’s Earl’s Court Station were over running. As such, a 12 day station closure was planned over the festive period in 2013. For work to be completed over that time-frame a comprehensive noise pollution prevention programme was required.
The Track Partnership deployed Echo Barrier’s temporary acoustic curtains, with tents, to diminish noise and dust. As a result the project finished on time, and there was not even one complaint. Read more

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