— Road Noise Barriers —

Partnering with road contractors to cut noise across the Western Pacific.

Road works are notorious for noise, and so often take place in sensitive environments, causing a real headache for business and residents alike. Echo Barrier temporary acoustic solutions take the headache out of noise control, and drastically minimise complaints.

Consultancy & advice

With over 3 decades worth of experience on the front-line, our team partner with road contractors throughout the project, to best advise on how to diminish nuisance noise and dust.

We do not just supply the necessary hardware. We take full consideration of your site layout and plans, so you can best reduce noise pollution through placing the right barriers in the right places at the right time. This enables road contractors to drastically cut noise pollution, by up to a remarkable 97%. The knock-on benefits of this are clear; legislative compliance, increased operating hours and fewer complaints.

Whether working on freeways, national or state highways, or main roads, our sound barriers keep performing. Lightweight, UV, and rain resistant, Echo Barrier solutions will last and perform in any ambient Australia and New Zealand have to offer.

— Case study —
Electric cable laying, Solihull, England

Local businesses commented on how quiet the work was.
I would absolutely use these barriers again.

Pat Birran, Site Manager, Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Utility Services had to lay electric cables under a busy road, which therefore needed to be dug up. Echo Barrier where on hand to provide the contractor all the advice and support required.

Road noise barriers were strategically deployed, and this had a huge impact on noise pollution. After Echo Barrier’s intervention there were no complaints, which led to compliments from local businesses and improved relations with residents. Read more

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