— Utilities barriers —

Reducing street works noise to cut complaints

Our temporary acoustic barriers are quick and easy to install around noisy street works. They help utilities companies and their contractors cut noise pollution by up to 97%, so you can undertake jobs any time of day or night with minimal complaints.

Consultancy & advice

Echo Barrier’s award-winning sound control solutions include products that are ideal for reducing noise, dust and debris from street works. Our industry experts will work with you to find the right solution for your site – whether it’s an acoustic barrier you can hang on standard fencing, pedestrian or Safegate barriers, or an acoustic enclosure you can easily move as works progress along a stretch of road.

With the right products, you can drastically reduce complaints, improve community relations, and enhance on-site working conditions. This extends site operating hours, which ensures you get the job done during the day or night, on time and on budget.

— Case study —
Maintenance works, Bristol Water, Bristol UK

We tested several barrier products for noise attenuation and leakage. Echo Barrier came out best.

Ian Kilgour, Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager, Murphy Group

Bristol Water used our temporary acoustic barriers to reduce noise pollution during water pipe maintenance in a busy high street. As a digger broke up tarmac, Bristol Water measured noise levels at 97dB(A) inside the work area. At the pedestrian side of the barrier, noise levels were just 82dB(A).

“This shows a significant reduction in noise levels" said Philippa Burgess, Safety Adviser at Bristol Water. Read more

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